China strongly opposes US report on Tibet issue: FM spokeswoman(12/07/04)


  China on July 12 strongly opposed the second US presidential report on the so-called Tibet issue, urging the United States to stop making use of the issue to interfere in China's internal affairs, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue.

   Tibet is part of China and the Tibet issue is an internal affair of China. The US report, based on its domestic legislature and regardless of facts, made irresponsible remarks on China's Tibet affairs and rendered help to the Dalai Lama's separatist activities, Zhang said.

   All these violated the basic principles of international relations and the three Sino-US joint communiques, and constituted interference in China's internal affairs, which China strongly opposed, Zhang said.

   The Chinese government's policy towards the Dalai Lama was clear, the spokeswoman said.

   "Only when the Dalai Lama really gives up his pursuit for 'Tibet independence,' stops separatist activities against China, declares in public that he recognizes Tibet is an inalienable part of China and so it Taiwan, will we contact him for negotiations," she said.

   "We demand the US side honor its commitment by visible actions that the United States recognizes Tibet is part of China and will not support 'Tibet independence,' which the US side has repeated for several times," Zhang said.

   The US government submitted to Congress the first presidential report on the Tibet issue last May.

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