China trains over 14,000 Tibetan students for Tibet's development(02/21/07)


   China's effort to help Tibet train talented professionals has paid off as more than 14,000 Tibetan students have graduated from universities or middle schools in the other parts of the country since 1984, according to the Chinese Ministry of Education.

    All the students have returned to Tibet to work for the development of their hometown.

    China started to set up classes or schools dedicated to Tibetan students in 1984, taking advantage of the rich education resources in relatively developed areas.

    The special classes or schools are opened in 20 provinces and cities, enrolling some 19,000 students currently, according to the ministry.

    "We have given preferential policies to these schools and classes, such as increasing input, with an aim to create a more favorable environment for Tibetan students' living and study," said Zhou Ji, minister of education.

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