Nepali police arrest some 100 Tibetan separatists(06/09/08)

    Special report: Tibet: Its Past and Present

    KATHMANDU, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Nepali police on Sunday detained some 100 Tibetans who have recently resumed anti-China activities in the Nepali capital Kathmandu.

    At around 14:45 local time (0900 GMT) Sunday afternoon, around 100 Tibetans staged a protest in front of the visa office of the Chinese embassy in Nepal, located in downtown Kathmandu.

    The protestors, who are seeking so-called "Tibet independence," blocked the traffic and shouted anti-China slogans.

    In the following 15 minutes or so, Nepali police detained most of the protestors.

    Some Tibetans in Nepal have been launching almost daily anti-China protests since mid-March.

    The protests were temporarily halted during Nepal's Constituent Assembly elections on April 10.

    Even on May 12, when China's southwestern Sichuan province was hit by an 8.0-magnitude earthquake, and during the following days, some Tibetans continued their protests outside the Chinese embassy.

    "Hundreds of Tibetans carried out disturbances outside the Chinese embassy, which they are carrying out almost everyday nowadays, severely disturbing the normal working order of the embassy," the Chinese embassy said in a statement.

    Aba prefecture in Sichuan, where the earthquake occurred, is the home to several Chinese ethnic groups, mainly Tibetans and Qiangs.

    "These harassers ignored the pain of their compatriots and showed neither sympathy nor grief over the tragedy. On the contrary, they took pleasure in this misfortune and pressed on with their activities," said the statement.

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