Chinese Diplomats Talk with Elliot School Students
--China Salon II Held in the Embassy of China



On April 22, 2016, over 20 students from the Elliot School of the George Washington University toured the Embassy of China and had a panel discussion with Chinese Diplomats.


The discussion was moderated by Mr. Zhu Haiquan, Press Counselor of the Embassy. Counselor Lv Jin and Counselor Tang Zhiwen gave brief introductions to the students on China's Economy and foreign policy respectively. They also answered questions raised by the audience regarding China's economic restructuring, energy strategy, China-US relations, and such issues as South China Sea, Korean Peninsula, and climate change.


Counselor Zhu said that China, as a rapidly rising country in the world, is attracting more and more attention from the world and the United States. China's ongoing reform process, economic future as well as foreign policy constantly occupy headlines of major US newspapers. How to better understand China so as to reduce mistrust and suspicion is a daunting task facing both China and the US. Dialogue is one of the most effective means to build trust and dispel misunderstanding. To this end, Chinese Embassy is always open to American friends from all sectors and welcome candid, in-depth and constructive discussions on China.


The students expressed their appreciation for the hospitality of the Embassy, and said that the face-to-face dialogue with Chinese diplomats were very informative and inspiring, which could help them to have better understanding of China and China-US relationship.


After the discussion, Ms. Liu Yuqing, Second Secretary of the Embassy, gave the students a guided tour of the chancery building, sharing with them stories of the architecture and artworks of the Embassy.



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