The Embassy of China participated in the XVIII Annual Food Festival of the Americas



The XVIII Annual Food Festival of the Americas, hosted by the Organization of Women of the Americas, was held at the headquarter of the Organization of the American States (OAS) on July 17th . The Embassy of China participated in this annual culture event for the 8th time.


Colorful decorations and traditional Chinese food highlighted the Chinese stand. Young performers from the O-mei Wushu Center in Virginia performed a wonderful GONGFU show that drew prolonged applause from the audience. The Secretary General of the OAS Mr. Almagro, the Assistant Secretary General Mr. Mendez and the officials of the OAS visited the Chinese stand, and gave their appreciations to China for its active participation.


For many years, the Food Festival of the Americas has been a very important stage for the OAS Member States and the Permanent Observer Missions to show their special cuisines and traditional culture. The participation of China gives a valuable opportunity to the American people to understand China’s traditional culture and China’s progress in modern times. Meanwhile, it also promotes cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and the OAS. The OAS, as well as the local people speak highly of the festival.



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