Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhou Jingxing(Minister Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952171

202-4952158(Bilateral Relations) 
202-4952201(Bilateral Political Issues)
202-4952183(China-U.S. Legal Cooperation)
202-4952185(China-U.S. Customs Cooperation)

Fax: 202-2440931

Chief of the Section: Mr. Liu Weimin (minister-counselor )

202-4952163 (Global & Regional Issues) 
202-4952161 (Economic Issues)
202-4952167 (Think-tank Liaison)
202-4952352 (Diplomatic Corps Liaison)

Fax: 202-3631408

Chief of the Section: Mr. Heng Xiaojun (minister-counselor )

Tel: 202-4952205(Senate affairs)

202-4952206 (House of Representatives affairs)

202-4952203 (Local governments and people to people diplomacy


Fax: 202-2440268

Chief of the Section: Mr. Ruan Ping(Counselor and Consul General )

Tel: 202-4952216 (Consular Assistance and Protection)

  202-4952215 (Overseas Chinese Affairs)

  202-3386688 (Visa, Passport, Notarization and Authentication)

Fax:202-6869814 (Consular Assistance and Protection, Overseas

        Chinese Affairs)

202-5889760 (Visa, Passport, Notarization and Authentication)

Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhu Haiquan (Press Counselor & Spokesperson)

Tel: 202-4952220 (Public Affairs)
202-4952221 (U.S. Media)
202-4952222 (Chinese Media and the Embassy's Website)

Fax: 202-9660631

Chief of the Office: Mr. Xu Nanfeng (Major General)

Tel: 202-2952500

Fax: 202-3381690


Mr. ZHU Hong was appointed Minister for Commercial Affairs at the Chinese Embassy to the United States in April 2015. Before that, he had been Deputy Representative and Minister of China's Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organization in Geneva from June 2012 to April 2015.

Mr. Zhu joined the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade (MOFTEC, former MOFCOM) in 1983 and has been working in the area of trade and economic cooperation since then. His major responsibilities include China's FTA negotiations, regional economic cooperation and multilateral cooperation. He was China's chief negotiator in China-Chile, China-Peru, China-Costa Rica, China-Pakistan, China-Switzerland and China-GCC FTAs. He has also worked closely with UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNCTAD and UNOCHA on the multilateral issues.

In the early years at MOFCOM, Mr. ZHU worked in the areas of trade statistics, foreign exchange and finance, import-export management, and served as the commercial consul at the Chinese Consulate General in New York from 1993 to 1996.

Mr. Zhu earned a bachelor's degree from Nanjing University, a master's degree in economics from Renmin University of China and a master's degree in public policy from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) of Japan.


Chief of the Office: Mr. Fang Maotian (Minister Counselor)

Tel:202-2430681(China-US People-to-People Exchange Mechanism, Educational Cooperation with US governmental and non- governmental bodies, Chinese Language Promotion, Cooperative Projects and Mutual Visits)

   202-2431165(Education Research and Public affairs)

   202-2431164(Study in China, Public affairs, Accreditation and Chinese Language Promotion)

   202-2431166(Overseas students and scholars affairs,US Universities and Colleges)

Fax: 202-2430629


Chief of the Office: Ms. Li Hong ( Minister Counselor)

Tel: 202-9660697 ext. 604 ( Publicity, library, publication and sports)
202-9660697 ext. 605 ( Multilateral exchanges, cultural relics and 
visual arts)
202-9660697 ext. 606 ( Governmental exchanges and
Performances )
Fax: 202-9660904

Chief of the Section: Li Chaochen (Minister Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952240 (Energy cooperation and exchanges)
  202-4952242 (Environment cooperation and exchanges)
Fax: 202-3634870

Chief of the Section: Mr. Li Bin (Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952249 (Economic issues)
  202-4952250 (Energy and climate change issues)

Fax: 202-3631674

Chief of the Section: Mr. Han Lin (Police Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952233

Fax: 202-6865191

Alternate Observer of China to the OAS: Mr. Liang Yu ( minister-counselor)

Tel: 202-4952166

Fax: 202-3621653


Chief of the Section: Ms. Lin Nan(minister-counselor )

Tel :202-4952130