Consulates General

Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhou Jingxing(Minister Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952172

202-4952158(Bilateral Relations) 
202-4952201(Bilateral Political Issues)
202-4952183(China-U.S. Legal Cooperation)
202-4952185(China-U.S. Customs Cooperation)

Fax: 202-2440931

Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhu Haiquan (counselor )

202-4952163 (Global & Regional Issues) 
202-4952161 (Economic Issues)
202-4952167 (Think-tank Liaison)
202-4952352 (Diplomatic Corps Liaison)

Fax: 202-3631408

Chief of the Section: Mr. Yin Chengwu(Minister-Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952205(Senate affairs)

202-4952206 (House of Representatives affairs)

202-4952203 (Sub-national governments and people to people diplomacy


Fax: 202-2440268

Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhong Ruiming (Minister Counselor and Consul General )

Tel: 202-4952216 (Consular Assistance and Protection)

202-3371956 (Visa, Passport, Notarization and Authentication)

Fax:202-6869814 (Consular Assistance and Protection)

202-5889760 (Visa, Passport, Notarization and Authentication)

Chief of the Section: Ms. Fang Hong (Minister Counselor & Spokesperson)

Tel: 202-4952220 (Public Affairs)
202-4952221 (U.S. Media)
202-4952222 (Chinese Media and the Embassy's Website)

Fax: 202-9660631

Chief of the Office: Mr. Zhang Li (Major General)

Tel: 202-2952500

Fax: 202-3381690

Chief of the Office: Mr. Zhu Hong (Minister)

Tel: 202-6253357 (Trade and investment consulting)
  202-6253365 (Intellectual property rights)
  202-6253359 (Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine)

Fax: 202-3375845


Chief of the Office: Ms. Yang Xinyu (Minister Counselor)

Tel:202-2430681(China-US People-to-People Exchange Mechanism, Educational Cooperation with US governmental and non- governmental bodies, Chinese Language Promotion, Cooperative Projects and Mutual Visits)

202-2431165(Education Research and Public affairs)

202-2431164(Study in China, Public affairs, Accreditation and Chinese Language Promotion)

 202-2431166(Overseas students and scholars affairs,US Universities and Colleges)

Fax: 202-2430629


Chief of the Office: Mr. Zhao Haisheng ( Minister Counselor)

Tel: 202-9660697 ext. 604 ( Publicity, library, publication and sports)
202-9660697 ext. 605 ( Multilateral exchanges, cultural relics and 
visual arts)
202-9660697 ext. 606 ( Governmental exchanges and
Performances )
Fax: 202-9660904

Chief of the Section: Chen Futao (Minister Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952240 (Energy cooperation and exchanges)
  202-4952242 (Environment cooperation and exchanges)
Fax: 202-3634870

Chief of the Section: Mr. Pan Jiang (Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952249 (Economic issues)
  202-4952250 (Energy and climate change issues)

Fax: 202-3631674

Chief of the Section: Mr. Han Lin (Police Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952233

Fax: 202-6865191

Alternate Observer of China to the OAS: Ms. Yu Yue ( minister-counselor)

Tel: 202-4952166

Fax: 202-3621653


Chief of the Section: Ms. Zhang Yanling(minister-counselor )

Tel :202-4952130